Closeout Items
 Closeout Items
Weed Control Supplies
 Plantra Weed Mat and Sod Staples
Grow Tubes
 Plantra Jump Start Grow Tubes
Trellis Equipment & Supplies
 Trellis Supplies
 Gripples and Wire Vices
 Dura-line Monofilament by Bayco
 Agrifast Irrigation Tube Staples & Tool
Bamboo & Fiberglass Stakes
 Bamboo Stakes
 Fiberglass Stakes
Training Supplies
 AG Fast
 Tapener Training Products
 T-Band Training Bands
 Hand Tying Products
 Ghent Tree-Fix and related products
 Miracle Garden Tie Tape (Also Works in Tapener)
 Imported PVC Tape on Rolls (1/2 inch tape fits in Tapener)
 Catch Wire & Net Clips
 Plantra StretchLock
 Flagging Tape (light weight tape for marking plants, fits in tapener)
Publications and Books
 Books - Winemaking
Grafting Supplies
 Budding & Grafting Tape
 Grafting, Paring, & Multi Purpose Knives
 Budding Rubbers
Harvesting Supplies & Test Equipment
 Test Equipment
 Grape Razor / GrapeForktm
 Harvest Shears
 Scales - Pruning & Harvest
 Ring Knives - Handy Twine Knife
Sprayers & Accessories
 Air Blast Sprayers
Wildlife Control Supplies
 Plantra Bird Netting
 Other bird control
 Plantra AviGard Crop Structure Net
 Bird Gard Closeout Items
Pruning Shears & Supplies
 Felco Shears
 Felco Loppers
 Felco Holsters
 Felco Saws
 Felco Pneumatic
 Felco Electronic
 Koham Electric Pruners
 Zenport Economy Pruning Shears & Loppers
 Zenport Electric Pruning Shears
Felco Replacement parts
 Felco Loppers Spare Parts
 Felco Saws Spare Parts
 Felco Shears - blades and springs
 Felco Shears - nuts & bolts
 Felco Shears - loose parts
 Felco Shears - Handles
 Sharpening Tools