Oregon Viticulture - Hellman
"Oregon Viticulture" is a comprehensive easy-to-use guide to sucessful strategies and methods for commercial vineyards. Written from the northern viticulture prospective of Oregon it provides a unique aproach to combining university research with practical professional grape growers experiance.
Price: $40.50
A Pocket Guide for Grape IPM Scouting - Isaacs etal
A pocket guide for Grape IPM Scouting in North Central and Eastern US
Michigan State Univ bulliten E-2889
Price: $23.75
Northern Wine Works: Second Edition
Growing Grapes and Making Wine in Cool Climates
Tom Plocher & Bob Parker have aimed this book at readers with a foundation of basic grape growing and winemaking knowledge, who want to plant varieties suitable for climate and site, and make high-quality wines from them.
Price: $36.00
Midwest Grape Production Guide #919
Midwest Grape Production Guide #919 is a comprehensive guide to growing grapes in the upper midwest, written by Ohio and Indiana Viticulture speciallists and published by the Ohio Extension
Price: $30.00
Grapes Production, Management,Mktg Bulletin #815
Grapes Production, Management,Mktg Bulletin #815
Price: $11.30
Midwest Small Fruit Pest Management
"This small fruit pest management handbook is presented in an ongoing attempt to better serve Midwestern fruit growers. Financial constraints make the production of such publications by each of the states in the North Central region increasingly difficult. As a result of pooling the resources and expertise of the various States, this regional publication presents detailed information that is adaptable over a wide range of climates, soils, and small fruit production schemes.
This handbook contains information on pests, production methods, and pest management practices that should not change on an annual basis. It is intended to remain useful for several years between revisions. Your state's fruit spray guide, which is a publication that lists pesticides for specific crops and specific problems, is published separately and is updated each year.
"To make the best possible decisions about small fruit pest management, this handbook should be used in conjunction with an up-to-date state spray guide and with the newsletters issued by several of the state's Extension Service. Contact your state's Extension fruit specialist for information on newsletters.
This publication does not replace the many publications on fruit cultivars and management practices that are available from your Extension Service.
The authors solicit your suggestions regarding the usefulness of this publication and the ways that it might be improved. Its purpose is to assist you in producing top quality fruit while protecting yourself, the consumer, and the environment."
Price: $10.00