Closeout Items
 Closeout Items
Weed Control Supplies
 Plantra Weed Mat and Sod Staples
Grow Tubes
 Clipper Grow Tubes
 Plantra Jump Start Grow Tubes
Trellis Equipment & Supplies
 Earth Anchors
 Trellis Supplies
 Gripples and Wire Vices
 Dura-line Monofilament by Bayco
Bamboo & Fiberglass Stakes
 Bamboo Stakes
 Fiberglass Stakes
Training Supplies
 AG Fast
 Clip-It Systems
 Tapener Training Products
 T-Band Training Bands
 Trellis Strip & Twist Ties
 Ghent Tree-Fix and related products
 Miracle Garden Tie Tape (Also Works in Tapener)
 Tie Wire
 Catch Wire & Net Clips
 Plantra StretchLock
 Flagging Tape (light weight tape for marking plants, fits in tapener)
Publications and Books
 Books - Winemaking
Grafting Supplies
 Budding & Grafting Tape
 Grafting Knifes
 Budding Rubbers
Harvesting Supplies & Test Equipment
 Test Equipment
 Ropak Harvest Lugs
 Grape Razor / GrapeForktm
 Harvest Shears
 Scales - Pruning & Harvest
 Ring Knives - Handy Twine Knife
Sprayers & Accessories
 Hand Sprayers
 Back Pack Sprayers
 Air Blast Sprayers
Herd Seeder/Spreader
 Model 750 3pt Spreader
 Modle 1200 3pt Spreader
 Modle 750 w/Regular Trailer
Wildlife Control Supplies
 Plantra Bird Netting
 Other bird control
 Bird Gard Electronic Repellers
 Extruded Birdnet - Cut Pieces
 Extruded Birdnet - Full Rolls
 Deer Shield Electronic Repellers by Bird Gard
 Repellant Sprays
Pruning Shears & Supplies
 Felco Shears
 Felco Loppers
 Felco Holsters
 Bahco (Sandvik) Pruning Tools
 Bahco (Sandvik) Loppers
 Felco Saws
 Felco Pneumatic
 Felco Electronic
 Koham Electric Pruners
 Zenport Economy Pruning Shears
Felco Replacement parts
 Loppers Spare Parts (F-20, F-21, F-23, F-22)
 Felco Saws Spare Parts
 Felco Shears - blades and springs
 Felco Shears - nuts & bolts
 Felco Shears - loose parts
 Felco Shears - Handles
 Sharpening Tools
Clothing / Polo Shirts
 White Polo shirts
 Sand Color Polo shirts
 Gray Color Polo shirts
 Silver-Gray Polo shirts
 Green Polo shirts
 Cream Color Polo shirts
Clothing / T - Shirts
 Sand color w/ no back print
 White w/ Illinois Wine is the Answer
 White w/ Wine Improves
 Tan w/ Wine is the Answer
 Green Plain
 Green w/ Illinois Wine is the Answer